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Reverse Logistics.

Reverse Logistics - Reuse, Repair, Recycle - The ultimate green framework to easily reduce your Carbon Footprint.

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Product Testing

We have extensive test facilities and an experienced and dedicated test team that enable us to offer a high level of functional and electrical compliance testing.  

  • Product Recall
  • Remanufacture & Refurbishment
  • Fault Testing
  • Dismantling for spare Parts
  • Repair

We are able to structure a program of product return, testing and response, that fits your exact requirement - every retailer, manufacturer and product is different - and so is the solution we put together to help you to manage the project.

Our approach minimises scrap, customer refunds, and provides a number of models that turns product returns into a cost neutral process at worst and in most cases an additional revenue stream.

With many manufacturers based overseas, it is hard to ensure product consistency: The ongoing reliability test (ORT) is a hardware test process usually offered to retail clients to ensure that quality of the products is still of the same specifications as the day it first went to production or general availability.

With such accurate and reliable product testing, we are able to identify product faults and offer product modification suggestions to eliminate the cause of failure and thus reduce the incidence of product return.

The Cobalt solution is holistic:  From call centre, product return process, spare parts, testing, improvement and management information all add up to peace of mind and ultimately a more profitable operation.

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