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Reverse Logistics.

Reverse Logistics - Reuse, Repair, Recycle - The ultimate green framework to easily reduce your Carbon Footprint.

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Customer Services & Liaison

Warranty, Technical support, Fault reporting, through to full RMA processing, we have professional, enthusiastic support staff here.  Dedicated telephone lines identify which client or product is being processed.  We manage the whole logistical process from first call through to happy customer. More >

Spare Parts Management

Our warehousing allows us to store and process spare parts. We operate a full service spare parts ordering and distribution service, helping your customers get the parts they need, and helping you avoid costly and wasteful RMA's.  We carry on providing the service long after the warranty is over - allowing your customers a level of service that might otherwise be impossible.  More >

Reverse Logistic Solutions

Sometimes, advice and technical support or spare parts can't solve the problem. This is when our Full RMA handling service kicks in.  We liaise with the customer, arrange collection, track and monitor the item through to our test facility.   More >

RMA Testing, Fault finding and reporting

Once an item has been returned to the test facility, it enters a program of planned testing to establish the fault.  The item is then either repaired and returned, or securely disposed of or, where possible recycled. Our bespoke system allows us to create dedicated business processes and vitally, we are able to create reports that help you to manage the way your business deals with product faults and respond more rapidly. More >

Secure Managed Recycling Under WEEE & COSH

WEEE and COSHH make Complex problems even more costly and risk laden.  Recycling, Returns and Waste management have never been so complex. We offer some fantastic services to help our clients deal with the increasingly onerous responsibilities faced by companies . More >

Product Re-engineering

Our comprehensive test facility and dedicated team help to get to the bottom of product faults.  We help you quickly identify repeating issues and act quickly to defuse potentially costly situations.  We can arrange the supply of remedial product 'fixes', repair faulty items, or arrange for them to be disposed of under WEEE or securely sold on the secondary market.