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Reverse Logistics.

Reverse Logistics - Reuse, Repair, Recycle - The ultimate green framework to easily reduce your Carbon Footprint.

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Full monitoring, analysis and reporting

We have a bespoke web based computer logistics system that we adapt uniquely to meet the needs of each client.  Our investment means that we can build a business process the works smoothly and enables us to build data and key performance indicators to help you manage product, and refine business processes.

Implementation takes seconds and hundreds or thousands of locations and product lines and manufacturers, can be enabled virtually instantly! Our dedicated call centre helps to manage consumer enquiries rapidly with the minimum of fuss. Many customers really value UK call handling of service issues. 

With hundreds or even thousands of outlets, the challenge of handling 'returns' of faulty goods can be a huge challenge in it's own right. Analysis is often very difficult and the size and complexity of trying to get meaningful statistics can prove prohibitively expensive.

The Cobalt System provides accurate 'real time' information - enabling you to manage internal compliance, to ensure everyone is working together - pulling in the same direction and that there is no costly 'leakage' from best practice. The numbers also help to highlight process issues and help to improve the consumer experience and drive out cost at the same time

Our data has helped clients negotiate with overseas suppliers from a position of strength, enabling them to back up product issues with hard facts, without needing additional data processing.  This same data has helped to refine products and reverse engineer problems out of otherwise good products.