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Reverse Logistics.

Reverse Logistics - Reuse, Repair, Recycle - The ultimate green framework to easily reduce your Carbon Footprint.

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Bespoke Solutions

At cobalt we have a wide range of facilities and skills.  A large team of enthusiastic and highly experienced and skilled people.

We sit down with a client and work out the best way of turning our resources into more profit - taking client overheads and turning it into an opportunity to make profit.

Each client has different needs and we pride ourselves on creating a perfect individual solution, to maximise the return from working with us.  

Over the next few months, we'll be creating a series of case studies to show exactly how we've helped our clients make more profit and move from overhead to profit!

  • Telephone call centre management
  • Collection or delivery of goods
  • Booking and tracking
  • Sortation
  • Testing and reporting
  • Dispensation of goods
  • In and out of guarantee repairs

So we select the services you need to help reduce your costs and give a better service to your customers.  Every client is different and we structure our solution specifically to each clients needs.  The one consistent factor is that we reduce overhead and create more scope for profitable business, with the minimum of fuss. 

  • Total recall management
  • Reduced number of credits given
  • Product fault information for product development
  • Product fault information for negotiating with suppliers
  • Technical information for customer services
  • Retailers become aware of stricter RMA
  • Controls decreasing the number of RMA’s raised therefore decreased overheads